15/ 02/ 2021
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds and PS camera project
24/ 9/2020
Longlists RABO Photographic portrait prize 2020 
14/ 09/ 2020
Project granted by Mondriaan Fund
14/ 05/ 2020
189 strips of my Amsterdam canals panorama images are online at Amsterdam City Archives
30/ 01/ 2020 ~ 05/ 07/ 2020
“Japanese Cat Art”
01/ 06/ 2019
Opening NEKO project
26/ 05/ 2019
25/ 05/ 2019
Book launch “Standbeelden in Nederland” in 
Photo festival Naarden. Published by Lecturis
17/ 05/ 2019
Artist in residence report of Otani/ Nieuwenhuize 
“Oranda Loci” by  IMA online
14/ 05/ 2019
Artist in residence report of Otani/ Nieuwenhuize 
“Oranda Loci” by Trendbeheer.com
14/ 05/ 2019
Presentation “Oranda Loci” Yoshii district, Ukiha Fukuoka
11/ 12 /2018
Campaign portraiture of Tomoko Mukaiyama “Pianist” in Ginza Maison Hermès
01/ 11/ 2018
Campaign photography “MONO JAPAN 2019”
28/ 06/ 2018 ~ 13/ 07 /2018
Group exhibition IMA VISION  (IMA Gallery Tokyo)
– Shinji Otani, Riyo Nemeth, Yuji Hamada, Kenji Hirasawa
10/ 05/ 2018
IMA ONLINE interview (Japanese only)
26/ 04/ 2018
Interview about the statue project in Noordhollands Dagblad
26/ 04/ 2018
Presentation/ Interview at De Donkere Kamer #35
Standbeelden in Nederland special website launched.
05/ 03/ 2018
Book Preview
Standbeelden in Nederland
11/ 30/ 2017
Interview: Jury of the Grolsch Unseen Residency Award, together with Tristan Lund (art consultant & curator) and Salvatore Vitale (photographer, editor & co-founder of YET Magazine)
19/ 02/ 2017
Participating  “Fotoboek!”
Small photobook market and artist talk
16/ 02 ~ 19/ 03/ 2017
Opening: 16/ 02 19:00~22:00
Artist Talk: 19/ 03 15:00~
10~13/ 11/ 2016
Participating Offprint Paris 2016
Beaux-Arts de Paris (Booth #59 OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE)
29/ 10 ~ 18/ 12/ 2016
Solo exhibition OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE  Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Museum, Fukuoka Japan
30/ 09/ 2016~23/ 10/2016
Launched at Unseen Book Market Amsterdam 2016 BUY THIS BOOK
24/ 03/ 2016~
Japanese photographer Shinji Otani and Dutch photographer Johan Nieuwenhuize recognise a similar state of mind in each other’s work. They share a large overlap in working methods, but their concepts and fascinations differ a lot. Both lens-based artists walk the city and take their images instinctively and continuously. Both work from their own image archive and combine images made in different cities and from different periods. Otani works from a documentary perspective, Nieuwenhuize deals with his subject in an abstract manner.
The transactive memory theory shows us that people working in duo’s or groups build up a larger collective memory than do two individuals. When two friends walk a city they remember things selectively, subconsciously depending on the other to remember the other things for them. Shinji Otani and Johan Nieuwenhuize investigate the collective memory developing between the two of them, when they photograph the same subject at the same day.
With their project OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE, the artists look into Japanese and Dutch culture and into cultural tourism. Behaving as tourists themselves they photograph places where culture is being “consumed”. In the Netherlands they’ll visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and De Efteling. In April 2016 they travel to Japan to visit theme park Huis ten Bosch and the historic site of the former Dutch trading post Dejima in Nagasaki. They will also visit the shrines of Dazaifu Tenman-gū in Dazaifu on Kyushu.
Commission work of the Dutch national portrait gallery/ the ministry of  foreign affairs of the Netherlands exposed in the Europagebouw of EU2016 in Amsterdam
21/ 09/ 2015~
Metro station Amsterdam central covered with 20m canal panorama picture from the book De Grachten van Amsterdam/ The Canals of Amsterdam.
In collaboration with Foam photography museum Amsterdam and GVB municipal public transport Amsterdam.
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