2007/ 2014

Gelatin silver print 40 x 50cm, Series of 66 photographs

The Country of the Rising Sun is my first mature photographic body of work, made during three winter visits to Stockholm. The focus lies on strong lighting situations during a Scandinavian winter. The black and white photographs are taken in Swedish suburban neighbourhoods resonating strikingly with suburbs found elsewhere. Suburbia, for all its site-specific peculiarities is paradoxically a zone of universal déjà vu. The publication was the winner of the first Unseen Amsterdam Dummy Award, published by Lecturis in 2013. The series was re-edited in 2014 for exhibition purposes.

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Importantly, the book consists of 8 large folded exhibition views so to create 64 pages. The images have not been adjusted to correct their direction or placement on the page. Thus, there is neither beginning nor end, formally indicating the psychological dimension of sameness. The large, blank areas of the exhibition wall are included within the publication. These depict the universal characteristics of the white cube, or the neutral exhibition space, where the photographs were shown. The photographs vary in dimension and scale and are meant to communicate a sense of closeness and distance as the viewer would experience as he walks through the exhibition.