Archival photo paper, 110x 125~190cm 2014~2015

Mexican Train is a kind of photo-editing game in which I experiment with different types of spatial editing. Photos are connected through multi-layered correspondences. Mexican Train evolves into rhizomatic body of work, in which connections are established by rule of association and continuation, for example lines (oddly figures can be made), material correspondences or other conditions, regardless of time or geographic specifics. 

.alcohol_1a meat_a plywood a pot_awood_ablonde_a

Solo exhibition in G/P gallery Tokyo 06~07/ 2015


Unseen photo fair 2014 in collaborate with Weekender Amsterdam 09/ 2014

Unseen_left_aUnseen_center_a  Unseen_right_a

_E9A4014-Edit _E9A4016