01/ 06/ 2019

Opening NEKO project

Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp

26/ 05/ 2019

Opening Photo festival Naarden

25/ 05/ 2019

Book launch “Standbeelden in Nederland” in Photo festival Naarden. Published by Lecturis

17/ 05/ 2019

Artist in residence report of Otani/ Nieuwenhuize “Oranda Loci” by  IMA online

14/ 05/ 2019

Artist in residence report of Otani/ Nieuwenhuize “Oranda Loci” by Trendbeheer.com

14/ 05/ 2019

Presentation “Oranda Loci”

11/ 12 /2018

Campaign portraiture of Tomoko Mukaiyama “Pianist” in Ginza Maison Hermès

01/ 11/ 2018

Campaign photography “MONO JAPAN 2019”


28/ 06/ 2018 ~ 13/ 07 /2018

Group exhibition IMA VISION  (IMA Gallery Tokyo)

– Shinji Otani, Riyo Nemeth, Yuji Hamada, Kenji Hirasawa


10/ 05/ 2018

IMA ONLINE interview (Japanese only)


26/ 04/ 2018

Interview about the statue project in Noordhollands Dagblad


26/ 04/ 2018

Presentation/ Interview at De Donkere Kamer #35



Standbeelden in Nederland special website launched.

05/ 03/ 2018

Book Preview

Standbeelden in Nederland

Order details

11/ 30/ 2017

Interview: Jury of the Grolsch Unseen Residency Award, together with Tristan Lund (art consultant & curator) and Salvatore Vitale (photographer, editor & co-founder of YET Magazine)


19/ 02/ 2017

Participating  “Fotoboek!”

Small photobook market and artist talk

Het Nutshuis Den Haag

16/ 02 ~ 19/ 03/ 2017


IBASHO Gallery Antwerp

Opening: 16/ 02 19:00~22:00

Artist Talk: 19/ 03 15:00~

feature in L’Oeil de la Photographie

Review: Trendbeheer.com

2017_02_16_ON Ibasho_O8A9109-Edit2017_02_16_ON Ibasho_O8A9118-Edit 2017_02_16_ON Ibasho_O8A9103-Edit

10~13/ 11/ 2016

Participating Offprint Paris 2016

Beaux-Arts de Paris (Booth #59 OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE)

29/ 10 ~ 18/ 12/ 2016

Solo exhibition OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE  Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Museum, Fukuoka Japan

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Museum

Review: Trendbeheer.com


photo: Johan Nieuwenhuize

OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE – Shinji Otani and Johan Nieuwenhuize speak about their collaborative photo project from Johan Nieuwenhuize on Vimeo.

30/ 09/ 2016~23/ 10/2016


POST Tokyo

Artist Talk on 23rd of October



photo: Johan Nieuwenhuize


Launched at Unseen Book Market Amsterdam 2016 BUY THIS BOOK

otani_nieuwenhuize06otani_nieuwenhuize01 otani_nieuwenhuize02 otani_nieuwenhuize03 otani_nieuwenhuize04 otani_nieuwenhuize05 otani_nieuwenhuize07

24/ 03/ 2016~


Japanese photographer Shinji Otani and Dutch photographer Johan Nieuwenhuize recognise a similar state of mind in each other’s work. They share a large overlap in working methods, but their concepts and fascinations differ a lot. Both lens-based artists walk the city and take their images instinctively and continuously. Both work from their own image archive and combine images made in different cities and from different periods. Otani works from a documentary perspective, Nieuwenhuize deals with his subject in an abstract manner.

The transactive memory theory shows us that people working in duo’s or groups build up a larger collective memory than do two individuals. When two friends walk a city they remember things selectively, subconsciously depending on the other to remember the other things for them. Shinji Otani and Johan Nieuwenhuize investigate the collective memory developing between the two of them, when they photograph the same subject at the same day.

With their project OTANI NIEUWENHUIZE, the artists look into Japanese and Dutch culture and into cultural tourism. Behaving as tourists themselves they photograph places where culture is being “consumed”. In the Netherlands they’ll visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and De Efteling. In April 2016 they travel to Japan to visit theme park Huis ten Bosch and the historic site of the former Dutch trading post Dejima in Nagasaki. They will also visit the shrines of Dazaifu Tenman-gū in Dazaifu on Kyushu.

Otani Nieuwenhuize

_DSC3021 copyIMG_2328 copy


Commission work of the Dutch national portrait gallery/ the ministry of  foreign affairs of the Netherlands exposed in the Europagebouw of EU2016 in Amsterdam

_DSC4228 _DSC4232 _DSC4233

EU 2016 nl

21/ 09/ 2015~

Metro station Amsterdam central covered with 20m canal panorama picture from the book De Grachten van Amsterdam/ The Canals of Amsterdam.

In collaboration with Foam photography museum Amsterdam and GVB municipal public transport Amsterdam.


IMG_752011922928_10153589296553361_1707361267599977173_o 12038579_10153589296528361_8776054036166607143_o

12/ 09/ 2015~ 25/ 10/ 2015

Group Exhibition SCENE Studio Koos Breukel

Part of Unseen photo festival Amsterdam (Sep. 18~20)


12/ 06/ 2015 ~ 08/ 07/ 2015

Solo Show “Mexican Train”

G/P Gallery Tokyo

NADiff A/P/A/R/T 2F, 1-18-4 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku,
TOKYO, 150-0013
TEL/FAX: +81 3 5422 9331

Opening: 12/ 06/ 2015 16:00~ 18:00

Artist talk: 27/ 06/ 2015 16:00~ 18:00 (with Shigeo Goto: Director of G/P gallery)


07/ 06/ 2015

The Travels of Shinji Otani by The Satellite Journal NYC


11/ 04/ 2015

TREFF issue 1 published

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 15.49.30

11/ 04/ 2015

TREFF magazine issue 1 launch event at Foam photography museum Amsterdam

FB event

11/ 02/ 2015

Works and interview: The Editorial Magazine “Shoot the Breeze

22~25/ 01/ 2015



Thursday 18:00–21:00 (with a party after) Friday 16:00–20:00

Saturday – Sunday 12:00–20:00

65/67 Ridley Road Dalston London E8 2NP UK

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 18.27.18

13~14/ 12/ 2014
Participating Friends With Books | Art Book Fair Berlin

03/ 12/ 2014

Amsterdam Irregulars Book was chosen as one of the best 15 Dutch photobooks of the year by de Volkskrant

12~ 15/ 11/ 2014

Photobook “The Country of the Rising Sun” and “Amsterdam Irregulars” exhibit in POLYCOPIES Book Fair, Paris (Booth: Artbeat Publishers)
Facebook Event


01/ 11/ 2014

Published pilot issue of Dutch online fashion magazine TREFF  (Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director)


24~26/ 10/ 2014
Weekender#18: Amsterdam Irregulars

Friday: 20:00 – 01:00 | Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00
Project Space Pacific Place 
Geldersekade 30, Amsterdam 

Amsterdam Irregulars embodies a bizarre pilgrimage into an uncharted world of ordinary people, the spaces they inhabit, and the passions and secrets they lie with each night. 

Starting out as a photo/text narrative blog in 2013, photographers Shinji Otani and Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk, and writer Christopher McIntosh are now collaborating with famed art platform Weekender for a one-time only spin-off show. Pioneering their distinctive form of “anti-journalism”, they explore the seamless web of interconnectivity that humans share with their intimate surroundings.

Over the course of three days, they will be exhibiting their work in the appropriately irregular Project Space Pacific Place located on Geldersekade. Combining a series of off-the-wall installations, impromptu poetry readings and selected discussions. 

The event also coincides with the launch of their first book publication, documenting a cross-section of their most eccentric and famed editions.

Amsterdam Irregulars the BOOK
Offset color and B&W print 72 pages
Author: Shinji Otani, Cassander Eftinck Schattenkerk and Christopher McIntosh
Insert text: Koen Kleijn
Design: Ayumi Higuchi
Paper supply: Papyrus (www.papyrus.com/nl)
Printing: Drukkerij Raddraaier, Amsterdam
Binding: Hexspoor (www.hexspoor.nl), Koudlijm Otabind
Edition: 500
Self published in October 2014

Facebook Event


WEEKENDER #18 Amsterdam Irregulars from WEEKENDER on Vimeo.



13/ 10/ 2014
Amsterdam Irregulars website renewal, web design and programming by Higuchi Ayumi and Jakub Straka

18~21/ 09/ 2014
Participating De Fotokopie at Unessn photo fair Amsterdam
De Fotokopie gives visitors the opportunity to order a copy of an original print by leading photographers and promising newcomers for just €10. What a bargain!~ Unseen Web


18~21/ 09/ 2014
Participating Weekender Trailer Show at Unseen photo fair Amsterdam

During Amsterdam’s Photo Week, Weekender has been invited by the Unseen Photo Fair to participate in exhibiting the best way we know how – on the road.
The Weekender Trailer Show at the Westergasfabriek presents nine solo shows by nine international artists. With these nine individuals we will collectively set up an installation that will showcase an exchange between photography and video art, as we believe that the gap between video and photography is an overlapping theme.
Come join us in exploring the Weekender Trailer Show during the Unseen Photo Fair, from September 18th until the 21st.
See you there!

Weekender Vernissage:
Friday, September 19 from 20.00 – 22.00

Visiting Hours:
Friday 12.00 – 22.00
Saturday 11.00 – 20.00
Sunday 11.00 – 17.00

Participating artists will be: 
Annegien van Doorn
Charlott Markus
Fraser Stewart 
Hana Miletic
Johan Nieuwenhuize
Noël Loozen 
Shinji Otani 
Ulla Eriksen
Yamandú Roos 




05/ 2014
Project Amsterdam Irregulars will be supported by AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst)

05/ 03/ 2014
The Canals of Amsterdam/ De grachten van Amsterdam received The best Dutch book designs 2013

08/ 02/ 2014
Japanese talent slide show   Curated by G/P Gallery
第6回 恵比寿映像祭「TRUE COLORS」(2014. 2. 7 fri. -23 sun.)地域連携プログラムとして、G/P galleryでは、約20名の国内の若手写真家をフィーチャーしたスライドショーを開催します。2013年オランダのUnseen Photo Fairでも好評を得た当イベントをDJ Kouhei Matsunagaの音楽とともに再演いたします。皆様のご来場をお待ちしております。
日時:2014年2月8日(土)14:00-16:00 / 18:00-20:00
会場:G/P gallery

28/ 11/ 2013
Introducing PATCHWORK by COS “Things”

29/11/2013~ 13/1/2014
Dutch Photography Experience: Exhibition of photobooks UNDERCOVER
Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, St. Petersburg


14~17/ 11/ 2013
Participating art book fair “Offprint Paris”
Beaux-arts de Paris
14 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris

03/ 10/ 2013
Publication “De grachten van Amsterdam

  • Samenstelling en redactie: Koen Kleijn en Rob van Zoest
  • Fotografie: Shinji Otani
  • Beeldresearch en redactie: Martha Bakker, Judith van den Bos, Nienke Huizinga, Ester Wouthuysen
  • Grafisch ontwerp: Lex Reitsma
  • Productie: Kunsthistorisch Bureau D´ARTS
  • Drukker: NPN Drukkers, Breda
  • Binder: Boekbinderij Van Waarden, Zaandam

Preview this book

cover grachten large

26/ 09/ 2013
Unseen photo fair Amsterdam
Japanese Talent Slideshow

05~08/ 09/ 2013
Participating photo project in West’ival Amsterdam

25/ 07/ 2013
Daikanyama Tsutaya T-site, Tokyo

24/ 06/ 2013
DUST Magazine Online

19/ 06/ 2013
Unseen Dummy Award Juror: Shinji Otani

22/06 ~24/ 08/ 2013
Exhibition “Viewmasters”
Galerie Nouvelles Images
Westeinde 22 Den Haag
Opening June 22 16:00~18:00


11/ 06/ 2013
Antenne Books of London starts to distributing my book to UK and EU

06/ 06/ 2013
Introducing The Country of the Rising Sun by IMA online of Japan

31/ 05/ 2013
Book Review by Jörg Colberg of Conscentious

24/ 05/ 2013 19:00~20:30
The Country of the Rising Sun Book Launch in Tokyo
Talk event guests:
Shigeo Goto (Editor/ Art director G/P gallery)
Yuji Hamada (Photographer/ Foam magazine #34 Dummy)

NADiff a/p/a/r/t
1-18-4 Ebisu Shibuya 150-0013 Tokyo

23/ 04/ 2013
Book Review in GUP magazine

28/03~ 26/ 05/ 2013
Exhibition Books &Foam
&Foam Vijzelstraat 78 1017HL Amsterdam
“The realisation of a photo book” shows procees of how we made “The Country of the Rising Sun”

_MG_2665 _MG_2671

28/ 03/ 2013 17:30~
Book Launch “The Country of the Rising Sun
&Foam Vijzelstraat 78 1017HL Amsterdam
Book launch will be toghther with Foam magazine issue #34 DUMMY

  • Author: Shinji Otani
  • Language: English/ Swedish/ Japanese/ Dutch
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 210 x 297 mm
  • Edition: softcover
  • ISBN: 978-94-6226-013-9
  • Print/edition: 1e druk / first impression
  • Year: 2013
  • Photography: Shinji Otani
  • Design: Our Polite Society
  • Publisher: Lecturis
  • Price: € 24,50

22/ 03/ 2013
New Blog!  “Amsterdam Irregulars”

21/ 03/ 2013
Foam Magazine issue #34 DUMMY

Portfolio: Foam Magazine


Book order: The Country of the Rising Sun

08/ 11/ 2012
participating art project -o-l-o-g-y

Exhibition -o-l-o-g-y Gallery Amstel 41 opening Dec.7
What is it?

30/ 09/ 2012
Book dummy “The Country of the Rising Sun”
Honored with the prize of Unseen/ Offprint/ Lecturis Unpublished dummy book award 2012

Designed by Our Polite Society
Will be publish by Lecturis soon!

Book Preview: The Country of the Rising Sun from Shinji Otani on Vimeo.