Standbeelden in Nederland (Statue in the Netherlands) 2018 

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  • Collaboration project of Shinji Otani and Johan Nieuwenhuize
  • Offset colour 36 pages x five magazines + texts
  • Author: Shinji Otani and Johan Nieuwenhuize
  • Insert text: Taco Hidde Bakker and Robin van Emden
  • Design: Welmer Keesmaat/ Context is Everything
  • Printing: Gees Offset GENT
  • Edition: 400 + Special edition 75 (together with Japanese Kiri wooden box and prints)
  • Published by Tique, September 2016
  • Funded by Fonds Kwadraad, Dutch Embassy in Tokyo, Dutch Culture, Stroom Den Haag, Mondriaan fund and shareholders
  • Part of Holland Kyushu program


Amsterdam Irregulars (2014)

Irregulars book

  • Offset color and B&W print 72 pages
  • Author: Shinji Otani, Cassander Eftinck Schattenkerk and Christopher McIntosh
  • Insert text: Koen Kleijn
  • Design: Ayumi Higuchi
  • Paper supply: Papyrus (
  • Printing: Drukkerij Raddraaier, Amsterdam
  • Binding: Hexspoor (, Koudlijm Otabind
  • Edition: 500
  • Self published in October 2014
  • This book has been published thanks to the generous support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK).
  • Sponsorship was kindly provided by Papyrus, Drukkerij Raddraaier and Hexspoor.


De grachten van Amsterdam (2013)















  • Composite and editing: Koen Kleijn and Rob van Zoest
  • Photography: Shinji Otani
  • Image research and editing: Martha Bakker, Judith van den Bos, Nienke Huizinga and Ester Wouthuysen
  • Graphic design: Lex Reitsma
  • Production Kunsthistorisch Bureau D´ARTS
  • Printing: NPN Drukkers, Breda
  • Binding: Boekbinderij Van Waarden, Zaandam
  • Publisher: Troth

Received the best Dutch book designs 2013




The Country of the Rising Sun (2013)















  • Author: Shinji Otani
  • Language: English/ Swedish/ Japanese/ Dutch
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 210 x 297 mm
  • Edition: softcover
  • ISBN: 978-94-6226-013-9
  • Winner Unseen Unpublished Dummy Award 2012
  • Photography: Shinji Otani
  • Design: Our Polite Society
  • Publisher: Lecturis

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The Netherlands: Lecturis
UK and the rest of EU: Antenne Books,
Japan: Nadiff, Daikanyama T-Site